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Get Started is the State of Arizona's official transparency web site, created in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Section 41-725. It is a searchable, user-friendly public site that serves as a single point of reference for citizens to view information about the financial activities of the State of Arizona. This site also contains information for certain State of Arizona local governments, including: counties, cities, towns, community college districts, school districts and state universities.

A.R.S. 41-725 includes transparency requirements for local governments. Arizona OpenBooks provides a unique opportunity for the local governments to meet their statutory transparency requirements. Using OpenBooks to fulfill these transparency requirements provides the public with a single point of reference for Arizona governmental financial activities. Moreover, participation significantly reduces costs that would otherwise be associated with implementing and maintaining multiple transparency websites.

The Arizona Department of Administration is encouraging all local governments to leverage the State's transparency website by including their financial information on Arizona OpenBooks. For more information refer to our FAQ or send an inquiry to the General Accounting Office (GAO) at

Thank you for visiting The State of Arizona welcomes your feedback. To make an inquiry or to provide feedback, please contact the General Accounting Office (GAO) at



FY15 financial information for the State of Arizona is current through May 31, 2015; however, transactions processed for FY15 with payments pending have not been uploaded.



Gila (Updated: July 21, 2015)
Named for the Gila River, Gila County was created in 1881, carved from portions of Maricopa, Pinal and Yavapai Counties. The county covers 4,796 sq. miles with a population of 53,144. The major economic industries in Gila County are mining, recreation, ranching and tourism.
City of San Luis (Updated: July 15, 2015)
Pima (Updated: July 15, 2015)
Town of Camp Verde (Updated: July 7, 2015)
Town of Fountain Hills (Updated: July 6, 2015)
The Town of Fountain Hills is home to 22,500 residents nestled near the Four Peaks mountain range and adjacent to Scottsdale, Arizona. Welcome to the height of desert living!

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Although reasonable and appropriate measures to maintain the timeliness and accuracy of Arizona OpenBooks, the financial data provided has been neither reviewed nor audited and may contain errors, omissions or misstatements. Financial data presented is on a cash basis, which may not fairly, completely or accurately represent an entity's financial position or the results of its operations. Some information, deemed to be confidential, is either not presented or presented in such a way as to maintain legal confidentiality.  View all Disclaimers >>